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Silver Bow Hearth & Home Showroom in Butte, Montana

Installing a stove or fireplace in your home or workplace can help with heating and improve efficiency. However, the installation itself requires selecting the correct fireplace for your room and decor in addition to making sure everything is in place and properly sealed and ventilated.

The experts at Silver Bow Hearth & Home can help you find the correct heating or cooking product to meet your unique needs and your personal Southwest Montana style!

Grilling and Cooking

Indoor and outdoor barbeque grills are a great way to cook in a social setting. Check out our wide selection of grills and outdoor kitchen offerings.

Green Mountain Grills


Wood stoves are a delightful source of heat for a room, shop, or whole home. Stoves using other fuel types, such as natural gas or pellets can be very environmentally friendly and very effective. Take a look at our heating units in a variety of styles.